About Us

The Yeshiva Gedolah of the Five Towns was established in ? to serve the greater Jewish community as a prominent center for full-time Torah learning. Located in the heart of the Five Towns, men, bochurim and Kollel members converge daily at the Yeshiva to study Torah from the crack of dawn until late into the night, partaking in chaburahs, shiruim, chavrusos or Kollel.

The Yeshiva’s mission is to produce Ovdai Hashem, inculcating in each Talmid the prime responsibility of being an Eved Hashem regardless of what role one plays in life. The Yeshiva’s hallmark has been its success in creating Bnei Torah who will be Mekadesh Hashem in whatever they do and wherever they might be.

In response to its revered derech halimud and hashkafah, The Yeshiva has experienced continuous growth and currently supports over 60 full-time talmidim thus becoming a key community resource for tremendous Harbotzas Torah.  Many of the Yeshiva’s students hail from across the United States and have completed at least two years of intense Torah Study post high school and in Eretz Yisroel.  Upon returning home, they have chosen to join the Yeshiva to continue their serious learning and pursue their opportunity of college study toward achieving a career. As result, The Yeshiva consistently develops its programs and scheduled shiurim to accommodate each student’s preferences. The Yeshiva distinguishes itself with it unique ability to pay individual attention to each Talmid’s interests and preferences in learning.

The Yeshiva’s Kollel is comprised of married Torah scholars who have graduated from outstanding Yeshivos and have come to Yeshiva Gedolah to continue their personal growth in Torah learning.  They have been drawn to the Yeshiva’s excellent shiurim and the opportunity to achieve a high standard of character development under the personal guidance of the Roshei Yeshiva.  Kollel members work on their teaching skills as they provide daily evening Torah sessions with members of the community, either individually, B’chavrusa, or through delivery of shiurim on various topics of interest.